June 24, 2019

Gutenberg: Paragraph

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris purus urna, vulputate at convallis hendrerit, mattis id mi. Nulla mauris justo, sodales vitae sodales nec, fermentum at elit. Proin condimentum risus sed venenatis mollis. Donec auctor euismod sodales. Donec sodales congue metus, sit amet tempor odio maximus in. Ut vestibulum nisl a maximus scelerisque. Donec aliquam eleifend metus, eget iaculis ante vestibulum id. Nulla facilisi. Nullam interdum sagittis accumsan. Phasellus egestas elementum enim nec condimentum. Sed mattis purus odio. Curabitur vehicula rutrum porttitor. Phasellus tempus dui id turpis fermentum, auctor dictum mauris mollis.

Font size

This is a small paragraph.

This is a normal paragraph.

This is a large paragraph.

This is a huge paragraph.

Drop Cap

A Drop Cap is a large letter that drops below the first line of a paragraph.

Color Settings

This paragraph has a custom Background Color.

This paragraph has a custom Text Color.

Text Alignment

This paragraph is aligned to the left.

This paragraph is aligned to the center.

This paragraph is aligned to the right.

Weight & Style

This paragraph is bold.

This paragraph is italicized.

This paragraph is a link.

This paragraph has an inline code.

This paragraph has an inline image.

This paragraph is justified.

This paragraph has a strikethrough text.

This paragraph has an underlined text.

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